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Would I dare to?

Would I really dare to start a blog in English? It might be dangerous. I might look ridiculous, because of my English, which is actually quite bad – though I study Modern Languages.But, I shouldn’t care. I should just do whatever I want to do, and if I want to start blogging in English, I should just do it.

Please, don’t expect me to write down fantastic articles about politics and computers and stuff. But also don’t expect me not to do so. I just don’t know what I’m gonna write down here, and what I will keep to my Dutch blog – However. Let’s give it a try in English. Just a try.

Oh. You might want to know who I am. Impolite of me not to introduce myself first. I’m sorry. Well. I’m Steven, 17 years old, living in Belgium – West Flanders. I love politics, computers, and I’m in my last year of secondary school, studying Latin-Modern Languages. Any more questions?

Did I forget something in this very important first post? Every blog only can have one first post. So this is an unicum. The only first post of this brand new blog.


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