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I never thought I would ever say it, and I know damned well my brother will keep on telling me I have written this for about the rest of my life, but hell yeah, the Playstation 3 is a cool machine.

I’m not a gamer. The only games I play are Ere Moyenne and Quake live – and I just can’t manage to get trough the introductory level in the second one. So when my brother bought himself a $300 tv and a $500 (approximately) playstation 3, I said he shouldn’t spend his money on that crap. Giving that amount of money to a game console – you don’t even have the games yet – sounded (and actually still sounds) quite freaky to me. But once he got it, I felt this magical feeling a nice piece of technology gives me everytime I see one. The feeling the macbook gave me, the feeling the palm treo pro gave me.

Okay, but I wont’t lie to you on this one. It took me some weeks – months to actually get interested in it, and to get the feeling I described in the upper sentence. Whatever, once I tried it myself – my brother standing with me and smiling because he felt he finally won me over for his machine – I saw it plays music, it plays blue-ray and dvd, you can play on-line with other people around the world – even next to the microphone-thing just shouting stuff to others, not having to type it. And above all: the graphics are great. The characters move just like real people do and react very precise on every move of the controller – which I do not manage to control well, but my brother does. And then I’m not even talking about the magnificent special effects in games like ‘infamous’ .

But I still wonder. Is it worth the money? I don’t know. But what I do know, is that whatever people who do not like gaming – including me – are saying, it is a magnificent piece of technology…


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I‘m really sick of this slowwwwww computer. It’s a Dell Inspiron 1501, bought it 3 years ago. Really a nice computer. It was cheap, I dropped it a few times – it still works (more or less). It runs Ubuntu very well, so does it with Windows XP – and I even managed to play Archlord with it (though it doesn’t fit into the System Requierements of Archlord), and to run Microsoft Vista (same story as Archlord).

Okay. It has low specs. A 1.80 Ghz Intel Celeron processor, 512 mb RAM, 60 gb ROM. But it fit my needs. Three years ago. Now – it doesn’t. It turns slow when I try Microsoft Office 2007, it crashes when I send an e-mail with thunderbird, and it has difficulties running Windows Live Messenger and iTunes. I should say nothing about Adobe Photoshop Elements. Did I just call iTunes? Sound quality is terrible, too. En bref : I need a new computer. But which one?

I actually can’t say a bad word about Dell. I shouldn’t blame the manufacturer  for giving my system such low specs. I ordered them myself. And I should even confess Dell actually did a pretty good job: I was able to run stuff which by far do not fit my system specs – theoretically. And it even survived a few (soft) drops.

But there’s another brand I really love : Apple. Yeah, it’s true. One fell in love with the white macbook. What a design! And with Snow Leopard. Just one try in the local Apple store did it : I had a crush on the design, on the OS, on the computer an se. But it’s expensive – especially when you don’t get student discount. Very expensive. Especially looking at the specs. 2 GB Ram won’t bring me far. It doesn’t have an SD-slot, which I use daily.  The screen doesn’t have an anti-reflection coating, and it lacks firewire. Anyway. I love the design – but it’s way to expensive.

So I turned back to Dell, searched at their website and decided. It’s gonna be a Dell Studio 15 (picture): an Intel I3 2.10Ghz processor, 4 GB RAM, Windows 7, adobe premiere and photoshop (elements!), 3 years McAfee. Can’t wait till I get it…

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