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‘Why would I buy a mac? Why would I spend that amount of money for a computer half the specs of a pc with a lower price?’. It’s about the first question I asked the shop-assistent at the mac store. ‘Because it’s stable and it’s safe, you won’t get any viruses or something with a Mac.’

Especially the second part interested me. A computer without any risk of malwar, trojans, viruses etc. would be nice. I would buy it immediately, without any doubt. But I was not convinced. If a Mac was really that safe, why the hell would there be something like SecureMac? So I opened up my browser, and searched. And the moment I began to read my search result, I decided to buy a pc. Why? Because a Mac is not that invulnerable (and even not that stable too, but that will be something for another post). I will not just write a text, no. I’m not a computer expert. What I will do in this post, is give you some links (mostly in Dutch, but you can use google translate if you want them in English), and  give some comment.

1) ‘IE8, Safari and Firefox hacked during Pwn2Own-event’ (Dutch)

Summary: During a cracking contest, IE8, Safari and Firefox are hacked. So forget it : safe browsing. None of the big three is unvulnerable. (The man who was able to crack Safari even said it was easy to do so, he had a lot of bugs he could use).  Nothing is said about google chrome in this contest…

2) ‘Mac-virusses hidden on pornsite‘ (Dutch)

I think the title says a lot, so I will not give further explanation. What I will do, is give you another two links: Link 1, Link 2 . How did he said it? No viruses? And may I recall this add?

3) ‘Mac is the first to fall in Pwn2Own hack contest

Though the article is written in 2008, I think it says a lot about how no system is totally secure.

4) ‘Apple Macs, no crashes or viruses?’

About the same as I am trying to explain you here…

5) ‘Apple advises virusscanner for Macs‘ (Dutch)

Again, title says a lot. Though it’s very timid, even Apple has put on his website that you should install anti-virussoftware on a Mac…

Okay. Maybe you will call me an apple-basher now, maybe you will hate me, maybe you will love me. But I want to be clear: I’m even an apple-fan: I just love my iPod, and I just love apple-computers, though I think they are way too expensive.

In this article, I just want to smash down the illusion that you are totally safe when you have Mac. It doesn’t matter which one, if you have a computer, and that computer is on-line, you are having the risk of getting malware.


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