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A couple of days ago, I wrote something about facebook trying to be like twitter. Today, it’s Googles turn. The company will try to catch up Facebook and Twitter (which the NYT keeps on calling a Social Networking Company, hélas) by adding some new ‘social features’ to gmail. Next to an easy-to-use chat and videochatfunction, which are already implemented, it will add add-ons that allow users to share pictures and words about what ‘they are doing right now’.

But I really doubt wether it will be succesfull. On one hand, it is made by google and implemented in one of its most popular services, but on the other hand, things like Orkut, Google Chrome and Google Wave aren’t as popular as Google hoped they would be when they came up with it. Next to that, most people who just use their computer for word processing, chatting, mailing and social networking, haven’t any knowledge about Google Maps or Google Docs (or even Google Wave).

But, this is something different. It’s an extra option in an existing and popular website, and not a totally new website with a new service.  I wonder wether Facebook and Twitter will have some serious competition or not…


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