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My view on technology

I never thought I would ever say it, and I know damned well my brother will keep on telling me I have written this for about the rest of my life, but hell yeah, the Playstation 3 is a cool machine.

I’m not a gamer. The only games I play are Ere Moyenne and Quake live – and I just can’t manage to get trough the introductory level in the second one. So when my brother bought himself a $300 tv and a $500 (approximately) playstation 3, I said he shouldn’t spend his money on that crap. Giving that amount of money to a game console – you don’t even have the games yet – sounded (and actually still sounds) quite freaky to me. But once he got it, I felt this magical feeling a nice piece of technology gives me everytime I see one. The feeling the macbook gave me, the feeling the palm treo pro gave me.

Okay, but I wont’t lie to you on this one. It took me some weeks – months to actually get interested in it, and to get the feeling I described in the upper sentence. Whatever, once I tried it myself – my brother standing with me and smiling because he felt he finally won me over for his machine – I saw it plays music, it plays blue-ray and dvd, you can play on-line with other people around the world – even next to the microphone-thing just shouting stuff to others, not having to type it. And above all: the graphics are great. The characters move just like real people do and react very precise on every move of the controller – which I do not manage to control well, but my brother does. And then I’m not even talking about the magnificent special effects in games like ‘infamous’ .

But I still wonder. Is it worth the money? I don’t know. But what I do know, is that whatever people who do not like gaming – including me – are saying, it is a magnificent piece of technology…


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