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My view on technology

Okay. Actually, I should be studying right now. But I’m not – shame on me. I just upgraded firefox. And hell yeah, I love it! At first glimpse, it doesn’t seem that special. It doesn’t even look changed. Okay, it’s true. That isn’t the most important thing. It could run faster, smoother and stuff. But I think some lay-out changes are always nice. And Mozilla díd change the lay-out, and how.

It introduced the Personas, some kind of themes for firefox, but better. It’s easier to make one, and they look better. No. I’m making mistakes. It’s not just ‘some kind of themes’. You can still download themes. It are looks for a theme. You can place a picture as firefox ‘wallpaper’, visible behind your buttons and adressbar. And I should say: some of them are really wonderfull. Try it out!


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